Do Marilyn Manson Fans Have First Amendment Rights?

April 9 [16:00 EST] --Arguing that the Bill of Rights does not apply to people under the age of 18, a Michigan reverend is reportedly petitioning local authorities demanding that minors attending an upcoming Marilyn Manson concert be chaperoned by their parents.

The Associated Press reports that Rev. Dana Wilson has presented the Saginaw, Michigan City Council with over 20,000 signatures supporting his proposal, which would essentially place the same restrictions on the show that govern admission to R-rated movies.

Rev. Wilson, a youth pastor with the Saginaw Valley Community Church, acknowledges that adults who want to see Manson perform are fully protected under the First Amendment, but told reporters that he doesn't feel those same rights apply to minors.

Rev. Wilson had reportedly attempted to stop the April 25 show at Saginaw's Wendler Arena altogether, but city officials said they would do nothing to cancel the concert.