Marilyn Manson Protests Heat Up After Carolina Cancellation

April 15 [14:00 EST] -- Four days after Marilyn Manson's show was canceled in Columbia, South Carolina due to pressure from local political, civic and religious leaders, the band continues to send chills up the spines of outraged parents throughout the South and Midwest.

In Jacksonville, Florida 5,000 people have called or e-mailed the mayor's office to protest this Thursday night's show, which has sold about 1500 tickets to the 7,000 seat Jacksonville Coliseum. The show is still scheduled to go on.

Meanwhile in Saginaw, Michigan, Rev. Dana Wilson has gathered 20,000 signatures from parents throughout Michigan, and says the reverend's office, from other states too. They want minors kept out of Manson's April 25 Saginaw show unless accompanied by an adult.

A movie style "R" rating for such shows would be fine with Rev. Wilson, who says he's not one of those clerics who believes that all rock and roll is the devil's music.

The Saginaw City Council has voted

to let Manson play, since stopping the show would violate the first amendment.