Marilyn Manson-Rasputina Remix To Creep Into Stores

May 29 [7:55 EDT] -- The Marilyn Manson remix of the female all-cello trio Rasputina that has been lurking on the Internet will soon be available in stores.

As we reported last week, Netizens can check out Manson's re-working of the group's "Transylvania Concubine" at the official Rasputina website (at, and the track will hit record stores next month.

Manson actually turned in three versions of the track for Rasputina, who became chummy with Manson while opening for his band on its recent troubled U.S. tour. The two groups hit it off so well that the cellists are now opening for Manson in Europe, where he is now causing the same stir he caused here in the States.

If you can't catch the Victorian lingerie-clad cello outfit and the shock rock torch bearers in concert, you can check out the product of their combined effort in mid-June when an EP featuring the Manson

remixes, called "Transylvanian Regurgitation," is released.