Marilyn Manson Talks About Moving Abroad

June 12 [10:00 EDT] -- Always-under fire shock-rocker Marilyn Manson muses in the current issue of "Rolling Stone" magazine about possibly moving out of the country.

The performer is so fed up with constant attacks on his stage show and music that he told the magazine, "Maybe I should go away from America for a while."

MTV News sought further comment from the man himself this week at the New York City studio where he's working with Sneaker Pimps on a song for the soundtrack of the upcoming, comic book-based live action movie "Spawn."

"My relationship with America is similar to my relationship with Christianity. Cause there's many things that I love about both. And sometimes it's the things that I love that I also despise. So for me to go against God at an early age and become my own God and an individual runs a parallel to my role in America," Manson said.

"Sometimes when I think about how America has treated me, that becoming

an expatriate could be an interesting idea as well. So it's just something that I'm considering. But at the same time, I just love America so much that I don't know how I could really leave it." [700k QuickTime].

"Spawn," the album and film, are due July 29 and August 1 respectively.