Rage, Prodigy, Manson, DJ Wink Discuss Their "Spawn"

July 31 [16:00 EDT] -- Bringing together two bands who come from entirely different musical styles and asking them to make music together seems like a tall order.

However, the artists involved in the recently released "Spawn" soundtrack, which fits a hard rock band with a techno counterpart, say the experiment went much smoother than one might expect.

"Working the project was excellent," Rage Against The Machine's buzzsaw guitarist Tom Morello told MTV about his work with the Prodigy. "We did a song called 'One Man Army'... and it was difficult to get our schedules to mix, so I called up Liam (Howlett of the Prodigy) and I said, 'Why don't you just send me a track, and I'll put some guitar on it.' He suggested that I should just send him a DAT of some f***ed up guitar, and I said, 'Well, that's easy, that's my specialty.'" [1.3 MB QuickTime]

Marilyn Manson, who hooked up with the Sneaker Pimps to record "It's

A Long Hard Road, Out Of Hell" for the album, also said things went swimingly in the studio.

"We kind of put it together and presented it to Sneaker Pimps, almost in a remix sense, that they would take our ideas and interpret them," Manson told MTV News. "Kelli (Dayton, Sneaker Pimps vocalist) just sang to what I had been doing and just kind of worked off it. It was very magical, the combination, I adored it." [1.7 MB QuickTime]

"It's like a sound clash," the Sneaker Pimps' Liam Howe said of the final product. "It's one of those things where electronic meets Goth, and we come up with a really interesting hybrid of comedy-electro-Goth, which is exactly what we like." [1.8 MB QuickTime]

And while the metal-meets-techno pairings might seem odd, Josh Wink (who teamed with Stabbing Westward to record "Torn Apart") says that the marriage

was a smooth one.

"I was familiar with some of the Stabbing Westward stuff before," Wink said. "I liked a lot of their experimental stuff on their album. It's not too far off from -- I mean, it is electronic music -- that whole term anyway... But, I dug their stuff and it was really kind of cool how last minute it came together."

"Real last minute," [2 MB QuickTime] Stabbing Westward's Walter Flakus added.

The "Spawn" soundtrack, which is already in stores, also features the following collaborations:

  • Filter/The Crystal Method - "(Can't You) Trip Like I Do"
  • Orbital/Kirk Hammett - "Satan"
  • Korn/The Dust Brothers - "Kick The P.A."
  • Butthole Surfers/Moby - "Tiny Rubberband"
  • Metallica/D.J. Spooky - "For Whom The Bell Tolls (The Irony Of It All) remix"
  • Mansun/808 State - "Skin Up, Pin Up"
  • Silverchair/Vitro - "Spawn"
  • Henry Rollins/Goldie - "T-4 Strain"
  • Incubus/Greyboy - "Familiar"
  • Slayer/Atari

    Teenage Riot - "No Remorse (I Wanna Die)"

  • Soul Coughing/Roni Size - "A Plane Scraped Its Belly On A Sooty Yellow Moon"

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