Manson Sued By Former Guitarist

September 24 [14:00 EDT] -- Marilyn Manson's just been sued by the band's ex-guitarist Scott Putesky, who went by the stage name Daisy Berkowitz in his six years with the band.

He charges the band, its lawyer, its label (Nothing Records), and frontman Manson himself (a.k.a. Brian Warner) with breach of contract and legal malpractice.

Putesky (who took his stage name from "The Dukes of Hazard's" Daisy Duke and Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz) claims he's still owed undetermined royalties. Putesky also claims that he was fired with no warning shortly after Manson began recording its "Anti-Christ Superstar" album, when the band bought him a plane ticket home.

Last September, a month before that album came out, "120 Minutes" host Matt Pinfield had heard about the dismissal of Daisy, and asked Manson and bassist Twiggy Ramirez about it.

"Our old guitar player, he couldn't really grasp the concept of 'Anti-Christ Superstar,'"

Manson told Pinfield. "We just had creative differences, and I don't think he liked our fans really. He didn't really understand what we were about, [1.3MB QuickTime] you know, so we just wanted to represent us as honestly as possible, so we thought we'd be a lot stronger if we were to get someone else on the team."

Meanwhile, Manson's manager says Daisy Berkowitz sent the band a letter of resignation, and that he thought the two parties had reached an agreeable settlement.