Manson Rebuts Congressional Inquiry With Shakespeare

November 24 [16:00 EDT] -- As we reported back in October, a congressional hearing was being called to investigate the "social impact of music lyrics [sic] violence on today's youth," after a teen's suicide last December in Montana. Fifteen-year-old Richard Kuntz shot himself while reportedly listening to Marilyn Manson.

The boy's father, Ray Kuntz, testified during the first week of November in Washington before the committee. Kuntz talked about his son showing him the Manson CD, "I failed to recognize that my son was holding a hand grenade, and the grenade was live, and it went off in his head."

Manson told MTV his thoughts regarding the tragedy: "Obviously it upset me that someone [would think] I would encourage that type of behavior. I've always said that people [who] would harm themselves or others over music or film or books, [they're] just being ignorant. If people want to be ignorant there's nothing you could do about it."

Manson also had some thoughts

for concerned parents: "It's a wake-up call for parents to teach their kids to be more intelligent [ways], to interpret art with some sort of intelligence."

"If you want to blame music for someone hurting themselves, then you can just as easily blame Shakespeare writing "Romeo & Juliet" which is something I was taught when I was a kid, and that's a story about two teenagers that killed themselves because their parents don't understand them and I think the key lesson is that parents don't understand their kids. If you take more time to talk to your kids, your kids are going to live happier lives."

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