Marilyn Manson Promoters Win Court Case

December 11 [16:00 EDT] -- Universal Concerts Canada won their court battle Wednesday with a Calgary venue manager over the cancellation of a Marilyn Manson concert last July.

Larry Ryckman, operating under the auspices of the Ryckman Amateur Sports Society, will have to pay the concert company an as yet undetermined amount of money in damages after Ryckman refused to allow Manson to perform at the Max Bell Arena.

Ryckman claimed that Manson's lyrics were offensive and his stage show and album covers obscene. He vowed that Manson would never play in his arena.

The promoters claimed they had informed the venue in advance that Manson was a controversial artist who had raised the ire of the religious right and other groups elsewhere on the tour, but none-the-less the booking was initially accepted. It was pulled just two weeks prior to the scheduled performance.

The judge believed the promoters when they said they had offered references on the band to

prove that much of the controversy was unfounded and based on rumors and non-existent events, but they had been declined.

Although the judge has scheduled a separate hearing to determine the amount of damages to be paid, its unlikely the Vancouver-based promoters will get more than Rychman's $35,000 deposit. The deposit was given to the courts just prior to the aborted performance to prevent Universal from getting an injunction that would have allowed the show to go on.