Marilyn Manson, "Spin" Tussle Over Interview

For once Manson is the offended instead of the offender as the singer has taken exception with an interview with Manson featured in the issue, claiming he has been quoted out of context.

"First of all these are not the questions I was asked, and not the answers I would give to those particular questions," Manson told MTV News in a phone conversation on Friday.

"The reason why I wrote my book was to put an end to the circulation of false information, and if anybody wants to read what I really had to say, it's in my book."

In the interview in question, "Spin" carries quotes from Manson talking about his relationship with Trent Reznor, his autobiography, and his new album.

"The other thing is, regarding our new album that we're working on, Billy Corgan and the Dust Brothers are both involved in

some capacity, but not necessarily in the way they were named in the 'Spin' article. The album is being produced by me, and their participation is to be determined in the future." [450k Audio File]

Craig Marks, editor of "Spin" defended his publication against Manson's charges, telling MTV News, "The questions that (Spin's writer) Julia Chaplin asked Marilyn Manson are the same as the questions that were published in the February issue of 'Spin' with Marilyn on the cover. They were edited for clarity, of course, and for context, but those are the questions that he was asked, and those are the answers that he gave. 'Spin' stands behind our writer and our issue as far as that goes" [250k Audio File].

(For his part in all this, Billy Corgan calls his work with Manson "strictly casual." You can read more about Billy's work with Manson, as well as Hole and his very own Smashing Pumpkins in "Corgan Talks About Work On Manson, Hole, Pumpkins Albums" in the MTV News Gallery.)

The 13-question interview is carried in a sidebar that accompanies an excerpt from Manson's autobiography, "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell," which will arrive in stores next month. The excerpt (which delves into Manson's relationships with Corgan, Traci Lords, and Fiona Apple) is published with a suitably startling photo spread, courtesy of David LaChapelle, which features Manson as a crossing guard watching over a flock of gothed-up school children.

"I don't think kids are sophisticated enough to sometimes understand, sort of the irony in the things that he's doing in his music, so I thought that this would be a good way to kind of show him in a different light," LaChapelle told MTV News of the inspiration for his shoot. "He really is an artist and he is evolving. He's visually driven.


was a really cool experience in the end, and I really liked him a lot. [500k QuickTime] He's really down to earth and a really cool guy, and he's really smart about imagery, too."

Manson is, of course, smart about marketing too, and will promote his autobiography with a series of in-store book signings. Manson's first signing will take place at midnight on February 14, Valentine's Day, at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square.