Manson's "Dead To The World" Hits Stores

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Marilyn Manson's home video, "Dead To The World," arrives in stores this week.

As we reported last month (see "Manson Book Tells Tales Of Navarro, Love, Reznor"), the video is a collection of onstage and backstage scenes from Manson's year long "Dead To The World Tour," which ended last September in Mexico City.

There is footage of people protesting Manson's show, and of Manson discussing Christianity and hypocrisy. There is also plenty of material that is not quite ready for prime time.

In addition to a blistering performance of "Sweet Dreams," Manson discusses many subjects in the video best left behind closed bathroom doors, including this tale about his pet snake, rats, and his mom.

"My mom has developed a collection of pet rats and she lets them climb in and out of her clothes. And she names them and has them as pets."

Manson is currently hard at work on the follow

up to "Antichrist Superstar."