Manson Talks About Corgan's Influence On Next Album

Marilyn Manson is taking time away from making his next album to pitch his new autobiography, "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell."

Once Manson's current book tour wraps up, he'll return to work on the album, which head Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan has been helping out with, but only in a friendly, consulting sort of way and not necessarily in any official capacity.

When Manson was in New York City last weekend to launch the book tour, he told MTV News that Corgan has already been influential in shaping the sound of the next album.

"Billy's been a great encouragement for us to experiment musically," Manson told MTV News.

"(He encouraged us) to go back to our roots [700k QuickTime] and try and make an album that holds true to where we were coming from, kind of our glam intentions, kind of more Iggy Pop, David Bowie, even Pink Floyd and The

Beatles, some Rolling Stones type of sound, and to take that to the next level. His involvement has been more on a friendship level and just an opinion level. We may write some songs together, but that hasn't happened yet."

Manson will take his book push to "Late Night With David Letterman" on Thursday, and will be signing copies of the tome on Friday at Tower Books in Bloomingdale, Illinois near Chicago.