Marilyn Manson And Mellencamp Discuss Presidential Sex Scandal

President Bill Clinton's forced admission of a sexual affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky seems to be on everyone's mind these days -- and musicians are certainly no different.

Even Marilyn Manson, who is out promoting his glam-stoked new album, "Mechanical Animals," weighed in on the Oval Office scandal in a recent interview with MTV News' Kurt Loder.

"I think it makes him more human," Manson said, "and I think that's respectable in a way. It's sad that people had to judge him on such a national level, where such a small indiscretion becomes such a huge thing."

"I think he could have picked a more attractive woman," he added, "that's probably my only criticism... [1.4MB QuickTime] but according to my book, in which

I [list] several rules of cheating, oral sex is kind of like handshakes and autographs, it's part of the business."

Another performer with the Bill-and-Monica mess on his mind is John Mellencamp, who believes that lying is as much a part of the president's job as the State of the Union address.

"It's like, gettin' mad at Clinton for lying about having sex with that girl," Mellencamp told MTV News, "God damn it, he's the president. He's supposed to lie. That's his job. We hired him because he was the best there was, right? [1MB QuickTime] "You expect this guy to tell you the truth? You really think that his job is to get up there and tell us what's really going on?"

"Did Kennedy tell us the truth about the Bay of Pigs," Mellencamp continued, "and he's the guy we admire so much. Did we know the truth? Did we know the truth from Richard Nixon? [Clinton] is our number one liar, and good

at it, y'know. We like him to do it. That's his job and we're real proud of [him]. But he gets caught with some girl sucking his d**k and he lies about it and we're mad at him about that?"

Mellencamp has just released a new single, entitled "Your Life Is Now," from his forthcoming self-titled album, due in stores later this month.