Marilyn Manson Launches Site, Pledges Communication With Fans

Marilyn Manson will kick off the launch of his official website by chatting with fans online.

The goth rocker will be hosting the event himself, at 10 p.m. EST September 9, from the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Manson will be talking to fans and answering questions for about an hour in RealVideo at his site, located at

In a recent interview with the frontman, MTV News got the low down on what distinguishes Manson's Internet undertaking from the rest of the pack.

"You can load up with as many pictures or graphics, or tricks, or whatever you want. But for me it's going to be the one place where I can communicate directly with my fans. Undiluted, unfiltered by the media. And that's where they can find the truth, ya' know, because there's always so many rumors. I think if anyone wants to know something, they can speak to me directly there," Manson explained.

"I'll actually be in

contact with [fans] on a daily basis."

The site also features band updates and exclusive Internet only items for sale, including original artwork created by Manson.

Following the launch, Manson and company are scheduled to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony on Thursday, along with such acts as Hole, Madonna, Master P, the Backstreet Boys and others.