Marilyn Manson And Fan Debate Fate Of Discarded Guitar

Marilyn Manson says that the fan who caught guitarist John5's instrument after the band's performance at this year's MTV Video Music Awards is free to keep it, but the fan seems to think that's not the case.

The audience member, Brian Kuehn, says that after catching the instrument, he was rushed backstage by event security to check the guitar in before re-entering the event. Upon leaving the awards, he collected the guitar and took it home.

Kuehn says that he later tried to get a certificate of authenticity from the guitar's manufacturer, which then contacted John5 and Manson's management firm to tell them that he had the guitar. Kuehn, not a fan of the group, says that Manson's management asked for the guitar back in exchange for a guitar of lesser value and a signed CD, to which he refused because he wanted to keep the more expensive guitar. He says that management members then told him that they would sue him if he didn't give it back before the start of the upcoming

Marilyn Manson tour. Kuehn claims he told the band's management that they'd have to pay the cost of the guitar in order to get it back adding, "If he wanted to keep the guitar so badly, why did he throw it out in the first place?"

All of this seems to be moot though as Manson's camp claims that they've never spoken to Keuhn, and that the guitar is his to keep.