Marilyn Manson Tour Draws First Protests, Syracuse Show May Be Blocked

Here we go again.

Marilyn Manson will kick off his highly-anticipated Mechanical Animals tour next Monday, and civic leaders from Syracuse, New York, have already raised objections to a planned November 19 concert from Manson.

Syracuse Mayor Roy Bernardi has joined with fellow county legislators in calling for a halt to the planned show, which is scheduled for the privately-operated Landmark Theater. Onondaga County officials have threatened to withhold $30,000 in county funds if the concert isn't canceled, and the mayor has said he will try to block the venue's permit for the concert, according to the Associated Press.

Bernardi claimed that his actions were prompted by a "moral obligation to the people of Syracuse," but did not elucidate any specific causes for objecting to the Manson show.

Representatives for the Landmark said that they had no plans to immediately call off arrangements being made for the Manson concert, and tickets for the show were put on sale last

Friday as originally planned. The venue's bookers admitted, however, that the withdrawn civic funds may force them to drop the show.

Such tour problems are nothing new for Manson, whose 1997 road outing in support of his last album, "Antichrist Superstar," was one of the most contentious in recent memory, drawing words of protest and support from government officials and local activists at many of the tour's stops.