Marilyn Manson Takes Tumble, Halloween Gig Cut Short

Like the undead, Marilyn Manson has risen again.

But not from the grave, however, just from a 4-foot fall that cut short Manson's Halloween night performance at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Manson apparently missed a step while trying to exit the stage just prior to the concert's first scheduled encore. According to one concert-goer, paramedics and a stretcher were brought in for the fallen singer, who lay immobile for some 10 minutes.

The show's promoter confirms that Manson lay on the backstage floor for a few minutes, but then got up under his own power and walked himself back to the venue's dressing rooms.

Though Manson appeared fine after the incident, and did not request medical attention at the time, the rest of the concert was subsequently abandoned.

Manson will hope to get off on a better foot when his Mechanical Animals tour rolls into the Home of Hanson -- Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Tuesday evening.