Marilyn Manson Goes Vegas For New Year's Eve, Finds Holiday Spirit With Dennis Quaid

After a year of battling conservative right-wingers, the fashion police and slumping record sales of his newest album, "Mechanical Animals," Marilyn Manson has announced plans to usher in 1999 by heading to Las Vegas for a concert at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Manson talked with MTV News' Kurt Loder recently about the New Year's Eve gig, and made a startling confession about the kind of wholesome family entertainment that warms his heart and gets him into the spirit of the season.

"Are you a person who goes out on New Year's Eve," Loder asked, "do you like to go out and party or is that just another night for you?"

"I think we've always played," Manson said, "we didn't play last year, but I'm not really big on any holidays. It's really hard for me to get excited about any holidays to tell you the truth. I really

felt something last night, it wasn't a holiday but I watched a film, 'The Parent Trap.'"

"I was flipping through Spectravision," Manson continued, "which has a description of each film, and it said 'Quaid is charming,' referring to Dennis Quaid. So I flipped it on, and he was. That's a nice holiday film. I would recommend it. I'm gonna buy it and I am gonna give it to my parents." [28.8 RealVideo]

Meanwhile, Marilyn Manson doesn't appear to be holding up on the road that well, as the goth star was forced to cancel a December 18 concert in Deinze, Belgium due to strained vocal chords, although he was able to perform at a show the next evening in Paris, the last scheduled show of its European tour.

Earlier this month, the band also pulled the plug on two other dates -- in Munich, Germany on December 5 and Vienna, Austria on December 6 -- after citing an unspecified illness.

In a strange twist, a Manson bodyguard allegedly involved in the attack against Spin Editor Craig Marks (see "Did Manson 'Spin' Out Of Control?") was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery the same night as the Vienna cancellation.

Following his Vegas concert, the band will to head to Japan, New Zealand and Australia in January, but has cancelled plans to play some dates in South America the following month. Marilyn Manson plans to resume touring the U.S. in March.