Marilyn Manson Falls For Vancouver

It's unlikely Marilyn Manson enjoyed his show as much as his audience did in Vancouver, B.C., Tuesday night. His performance was cut short after he took a tumble late in the set.

Manson was doing a series of head spins when he apparently became dizzy, lost his balance and fell backwards onto to the stage, bashing his hand on a monitor in the process. He initially seemed to be trying to pass off the move as part of his act, but sources backstage say Manson was definitely hurting, and his injury was the main reason he pulled the plug (literally) towards the end of his set and failed to return for an encore.

He finished the night with "The Beautiful People," returning to the stage only to yank some plugs on some amps (failing to acknowledge that it was the end of the show). The previous night in Spokane, Washington, saw that song followed by the pending single, "Coma White," and his classic "Rock N' Roll Nigger."

The Vancouver show was notable as well for Manson's sniping

at Courtney Love and her onstage response to his antics. After one particularly rude remark, Love bounded out on stage in mock anger, lifted her dress and jumped on Manson, straddling his back as he continued singing. Insiders say it was all in good fun. The two performers gave no indication of ill will backstage.

As for Manson's hand, it doesn't appear to be broken or otherwise seriously damaged. Manson's publicist said she was unaware of the injury, and he seemed fine performing at his next show in Seattle. Manson has in the past been somewhat accident prone. Last Halloween, he fell while leaving the stage (see "Marilyn Manson Takes Tumble, Halloween Gig Cut Short"). In March of 1997, he fell and cut his hand on a sharp object, requiring a bit of surgery (see "Marilyn Manson Undergoes Surgery After Concert Accident").