Kentucky Woman Loses Appeal For Wearing Manson T-Shirt

Warning to Marilyn Manson fans: It's still not safe to wear certain Manson T-shirts in parts of Kentucky.

At least, that's what a state appellate court ruled last week, upholding the conviction and $250 fine levied against Venus Morgan, a fan who was arrested for harassment last May after wearing a shirt that bore one of Manson's slogans, "I am the God of F***," to a public fair in Benton, Kentucky.

According to the Associated Press, Marshall Circuit Judge Dennis Foust ruled that "by wearing a T-shirt displaying one particular phrase from a song, she is essentially repeating this same lyric over and over."

As with the previous court ruling against Morgan, the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which represented Morgan at the recent hearing, says it will continue to appeal the decision on First Amendment grounds.