Marilyn Manson Takes "Holywood" To Hollywood

Marilyn Manson's film project has apparently been given a green light by New Line Cinema, and plans are for the macabre musician to both star in the film as well as provide an original soundtrack for the movie, titled "Marilyn Manson's Holywood."

"Variety" reports that Marilyn Manson is co-writing his "Holywood" film with Robert Parigi (whose production credits include the TV series "Profiler" and "Tales From the Crypt"), and that it'll incorporate some high-concept visual images with the corresponding soundtrack music, a la Pink Floyd's "The Wall."

No director is currently attached to the film, but producers are hoping that Manson's real-life fiancee, Rose McGowan, will agree to take a role in the movie. Manson made a cameo appearance in McGowan's recent black comedy, "Jawbreaker."