Manson Goes On Defensive As "Coma White" Debuts

In attempt to nip any potential controversy in the bud, Marilyn Manson went on the defensive as his new video, "Coma White," made its world premiere on Monday.

The clip, which sees Manson and real-life paramour Rose McGowan re-enact the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, made its debut on Monday's edition of "Total Request Live." While the video is new to viewers, it was actually shot in February, well before the July plane crash that claimed the life of John F. Kennedy Jr.

"Over six months ago I filmed a video for the song 'Coma White,' in which I enact the 'Journey of Death.' This is a pageant where I used the assassination of JFK as a metaphor for America's obsession and worship of violence," Manson said in statement released in conjunction with the debut of the video, which finds the assassinated Manson then paraded through town on a cross. "My statement was always intended to make people think of how they view, and sometimes, participate in these events. Little

did I know that the tragedy at Columbine and the accidental death of JFK, Jr. would follow. But it was telling to see the media shamelessly gorge itself on these events, which ultimately made my observations in the video even truer than I had originally imagined. This short film clip is inspired by my script 'Holywood' and it is in no way a mockery. In fact, it is a tribute to men like Jesus Christ and JFK who have died at the hands of mankind's unquenchable thirst for violence."

Manson shot the video in Los Angeles with acclaimed director Samuel Bayer (Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Hole's "Doll Parts," Blind Melon's "No Rain") in late February and will include the clip on the upcoming "God Is In The TV" home video compilation.