Manson Reveals Date, Tracks For "Holy Wood"

Marilyn Manson has posted a partial track listing for his band's upcoming album, "Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)," along with a video message revealing more details about the LP, on his official Web site.

In the video, which can be found at, Manson says the album is scheduled for release October 24 on Nothing/Interscope Records and adds that while the powers that be are still working out the final track listing for the album, he is offering up a selection of titles on the site.

The singer promises that starting next week, the site will provide weekly previews featuring either new songs or artwork, so that the fans "can see it and hear it here first before someone gets it inappropriately and without our permission."

Manson adds, "We'd like this to be a place where the true fans can get what they're looking for rather than having to find it through unapproved


According to the Web posting, "Holy Wood" will include the following songs, listed in no particular order:

  • "Cruci-Fiction In Space"
  • "The Love Song"
  • "Disposable Teens"
  • "Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)"
  • "'President Dead'"
  • "The Fight Song"
  • "The Nobodies"
  • "A Place In The Dirt"
  • "The Death Song"
  • "Burning Flag"
  • "Lamb Of God"
  • "In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death"
  • "Coma Black"
      "a) Eden Eye" "b) The Apple Of Discord"