Manson Expands On "Adam" Concept For New LP

Marilyn Manson will emerge from his self-imposed exile for the release his new album, "Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)," on October 24, and he has revised the record's track listing to reflect his fascination with Adam, the biblical first man.

Info about the songs featured on "Holy Wood" first leaked out earlier this month (see "Manson Reveals Date, Tracks For 'Holy Wood'"), and Manson has taken to his own Web site at to post the full track listing, which has now been divided into four acts, or movements.

Manson loosely mentioned the idea for the "Adam" concept when he first announced his intention to withdraw from the public eye to record the new album (see "Manson To Walk In The 'Valley Of Death' For Next LP"), adding that he would assume the symbol for the planet Mercury as his new guise.

At that time, Manson noted that

"the [Mercury] symbol is most commonly used in alchemy. It represents both the androgyne and the prima materia, which has been associated with Adam, the first man. And all of these things are major influences into the writing of the new album."

Aside from the track listing, Manson has also made sound files of three new tracks, "Burning Flag," "Cruci-Fiction In Space," and "The Love Song," available for download at his site as a preview of the new album.

The confirmed track listing for "Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)":

A: In The Shadow "Godeatgod" "The Love Song" "The Fight Song" "Disposable Teens"

D: The Androgyne "Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)" "President Dead" "In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death" "Cruci-Fiction In Space" "A Place In The Dirt"

A: Of Red Earth "The Nobodies" "The Death Song" "Lamb Of God" "Born Again" "Burning Flag"

M: The Fallen "Coma Black" A) "Eden Eye" B) "The Apple

Of Discord" "Valentine's Day" "The Fall Of Adam" "King Kill 33º" "Count To Six And Die (The Vacuum Of Infinite Space Encompassing)"