Marcy Playground Get Freudian In New Video

Band frontman John Wozniak recently told MTV News that his father, a developmental psychologist, had to explain the clip to the band.

"He's like, 'That's a very Freudian video.' I'm like, 'What do you mean?,'" Wozniak said.

"He's like, 'C'mon, that's a wet dream,' [400k QuickTime] and I'm like, 'What are you talking about?' And he goes through all these... he gives me this run down of this list of all these visual things like, 'When you're in the hole in the beginning, it's the womb, and the spider symbolizes your loss of innocence in that you're afraid of it, yet you're drawn to it.'"

"And you're lying in a big puddle at the end," bassist Dylan Keefe added. "And we're cleaning up after it."

Marcy Playground is currently on the road with Lincoln, and will play Charlottesville, Virginia on Friday.