Madonna, Jagger Miss Out On Film Project

August 20 [15:30 EDT] -- Madonna had hoped to move to star, at some point, in a movie bio of Tina Modotti, an anti-fascist Italian photographer and actress of the 1930s, but it looks like those plans might fall through.

Jagged films, a company run by Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, had optioned the rights to a Modotti biography on which the film was to be based, and earlier this year, Madonna signed a deal with jagged to star in it.

But now Jagged's option on the book has lapsed, and the author has taken it to another company. The author says actress Linda Fiorentino (of "Men In Black" and "The Last Seduction"), who actually resembles Modotti, has expressed interest in starring.

There's no word on all this from Madonna or Jagger yet. Of course, neither of them will have trouble finding ways to pass the time. Madonna's next movie project will be the film version of the Broadway musical "Chicago." Meanwhile, Jagger is pretty pre-occupied right now with launching

a Rolling Stones world tour at the end of next month in support of the band's upcoming album, "Bridges To Babylon" (which includes tracks produced by the Dust Brothers, and a sample of that legend in his own time, Biz Markie).

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