Madonna Impersonator Sues Airline

September 19 [14:00 EDT] -- In one of the stranger stories we've come across in quite a while, Gregory Gostanian, a 450 lb. Madonna impersonator better known as Queerdonna, is suing united airlines for $400 million, claiming he suffered extreme mental anguish at the hands of a flight attendant in June of last year.

Gostanian says the attendant loudly berated him about his weight before his flight from Burbank to San Francisco took off and allegedly ordered Gostanian off the flight after telling him, "There's normal, there's fat, there's obese, then there is you."

Gostanian, who was not in Queerdonna drag at the time, stayed on the flight, but says that since the incident he's been unable to perform as Queerdonna, and has incurred substantial medical and psychological expenses as well.

Calls to United's lawyers went unreturned, and Madonna had no comment on the whole ordeal. Depositions in the case continue next week.