The Rolling Stone Photo Shoot, Pt. I

Hi, I'm Kurt Loder and this is "The Week In Rock."

The negotiations must have been baroque, and the wheedling wondrous to hear, but several weeks ago, "Rolling Stone" magazine actually managed to get Courtney Love, Tina Turner and Madonna into the same room together to pose for the cover of its thirtieth-anniversary issue, which comes out next week. It's devoted to the evergreen subject of "women in music" -- thus the three cover icons, whose careers span 40 years of pop chart legendry. No feedback yet from Courtney Love, but we spoke to Madonna recently in Los Angeles, where she's finishing up a new album, and here's what she and Tina Turner, interviewed by "Rolling Stone," had to say about this all-icon photo shoot.

KURT LODER: Tell me how this "Rolling Stone" cover came about. Was it difficult to get the three of you together?

MADONNA (mucnhing on peanuts): Yeah. You know, last time I met Tina was when we did a photo shoot -- for Live Aid, believe it or not.

That was like a hundred years ago. Care for a nut?

LODER: Sure, thanks.

MADONNA: It was hard getting our schedule together, everyone to have free time, a free date.

LODER: Now, what did you think when this was first proposed to you, a picture of you Tina and Courtney? Did you jump for joy at this thought?

MADONNA: I thought, the Slice Girls! (Kurt laughs) [759k QuickTime] I thought it was an incongruous mix, in a way it's good, because it was a representation of all different kinds of women in music. So then the date part was hard, and then agreeing on what we were gonna wear -- that was probably the hardest part. That took 6 hours.

TINA TURNER: I watched these two ladies often, and I've wondered what it would be like. Actually, Madonna and I had been photographed together before, but never with the three of us. The energy of the three of us... I'm very excited about it.

We'll have

more on this unprecedented charisma pile-up on next week's show.