Spice Girls, Madonna, Marilyn Manson Dubbed Fashion Victims

The designer poked his head out of his hole, as he does every year at about this time, to name his list of the ten worst-dressed women of the past year.

This time out, Britain's favorite pop export topped the designer's list, with Blackwell calling the Girls "five candy-colored beauties trapped in fashion waste."

The Spice Girls were not the only musicians raked across the coals by Blackwell, as Madonna landed at number three on the list, prompting the designer to remark, "Yesterday's 'Evita' is today's Velveeta."

The Girls and Madonna were also joined on the list by fellow MTV icon Marilyn Manson, who Blackwell referred to as "Alice Cooper doing 'Rosemary's Baby.'" Manson joins Milton Berle and Dennis Rodman in the elite class of men named to Blackwell's list since its inception in 1960.

The rest of Blackwell's annual jabs were reserved for actresses such as Ellen DeGeneres, Pamela Lee, Jennifer Tilly, Sigourney Weaver, Emma Thompson, Alicia Silverstone,

and Francis Fisher.