Madonna Introduces Daughter In Vanity Fair

Madonna makes a major media return on the March cover and inside the pages of "Vanity Fair" magazine with her daughter, Lourdes, taken by photographer Mario Testino.

Lourdes, or "Lola" as her mother calls her, is now sixteen-months old. In the accompanying article, Madonna, who was only five-years-old when her own mother died of breast cancer, says that becoming a mother has been, "An incredible healing experience," and that, "I just knew my karma was to have a girl."

Madonna also mentions her desire to have more children, though not with Lourdes' father, Carlos Leon, because their relationship is one of friendship at this stage. She would prefer to be in a stable relationship before she has another child, but doesn't feel, at the moment, that she has time to work on one.

Considering that her new album, "Ray Of Light," is coming out next month with an accompanying tour to follow, not to mention the Material Girl's name has been attached to several film projects this

year, such as "Recycle Hazel" and "Chicago," it's not too surprising that she can't find the time at present.