Madonna On "Light" Mysticism, "Smack My Bitch Up" Video

The newly spiritualized Madonna plans for her next single and video to be for the title track from her "Ray of Light" album, a song that's already a dance club crowd-pleaser even though it won't arrive in stores until next month.

The clip for the song was shot by Jonas Akerlund, director of the Prodigy's brilliantly outrageous "Smack My Bitch Up" [1.3MB QuickTime], and portions of the "Ray of Light" video were filmed in MTV's Times Square studio.

While shooting her "Frozen" [1MB QuickTime] video on location in the Mojave Desert, Madonna already had her next video in mind when she spoke with MTV's Kurt Loder about the song, "Ray of Light," and the controversial Prodigy video.

"['Ray of Light' is] about mysticism," Madonna said, "and it's about realizing how small my life is in the big picture and

what's happening to me. But on the other hand how big it is. It's about wonderment."

"I loved [the Prodigy video]," said Madonna about the award-winning clip from the band signed to her own Maverick Records imprint. "I thought it was brilliant. As it was going along, I was like, 'Oh my god, oh my god,' and then when you get to the end and it's a girl, I was like, 'Oh that's brilliant.' It's brilliant. I love it." [450k Audio]