Madonna Vows Return To Road In Summer 1999

During the pre-show ceremonies for this year's MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna vowed to return to the road in the summer of 1999, offering definite signs for what would be her first world tour since 1990.

"[My touring days are] not over!" Madonna adamantly told MTV News' Kurt Loder when asked about her touring years. "Don't write me off. I'm going to go on tour again."

"Yeah?," Loder prodded, "When?"

"Next summer," she offered, "Don't -- I mean, God, you're being very surly!" [28.8 RealVideo]

As one of the evening's featured performers, Madonna is certainly no stranger to taking the stage in front of her peers, and cited her 18th Century workout of "Vogue" from 1990 as her personal favorite VMA performance

from the many memorable ones she's provided over the years.

Madonna is scheduled to start work on the "Next Big Thing" with Rupert Everett in October, after which she has committed to the film version of the stage musical "Chicago" with Goldie Hawn.