Madonna Talks About Her Video Co-Star

After heating up the airwaves with her performance of "Ray Of Light" at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna is currently steaming things up again with her video for the song "The Power Of Goodbye."

In the clip, Madonna can be seen sharing many a hot-blooded gaze and one lengthy kiss with her leading man, who the singer raved about during a recent interview with MTV News' Kurt Loder.

"[The sexiest male working today is] the guy that's in my video," Madonna said, "Goran Visnjic. He was in 'Welcome to Sarajevo.' Did you see it?"

"No," Loder answered.

"You didn't?," Madonna asked. "Well, it was an excellent film. Stop watching TV."

"Well, yeah," scoffed Loder, "I watch tons of TV."

"He was in that film," Madonna

continued, "and I was looking for an actor to be in my video and his face came right into my head. You know, there was a list of a couple of actors I wanted to work with and he wanted to do it, so I think he's gorgeous." [28.8 RealVideo]

"The Power Of Goodbye," directed by photographer Matthew Rolston -- who also lensed Natalie Imbruglia's "Wishing I Was There" -- can currently be seen on MTV.