Madonna Warns Against Complacency In Face Of AIDS Crisis

Madonna was in New York on Wednesday night to attend a reception commemorating the release of the March issue of "Esquire," which features Madonna, Lauryn Hill and Chris Rock, among others, on its cover.

The issue is dedicated to calling attention to the continuing AIDS crisis, and Madonna made a brief speech on Wednesday, reminding people that the problem of AIDS and HIV remains very real.

"There are people that think we've found a cure for AIDS," Madonna said, "and we can all sit back and relax and then there are people who just don't give a damn. I'm here to say that everybody has a responsibility to themselves and to the rest of humanity to not be lulled into this sort of complacency." [28.8 RealVideo]

Meanwhile, "The Hollywood Reporter" says that Madonna's name is apparently being bandied around for a part in yet another film, a comedy entitled "Ton 80," which

she will also produce.

Madonna's latest video, for "Nothing Really Matters" [28.8 RealVideo] will premiere on MTV this Saturday during the "Celebrity Dream Date" at noon.