Moby Talks Possible Madonna Collaboration

With his "Play" album cracking the Top 50 of the "Billboard" album chart after a year in release, Moby is in the middle of performing at large outdoor festivals on both sides of the Atlantic, and will head over to the U.K. this week to perform at the Glastonbury Festival.

MTV News caught up with Moby over the weekend at the KROQ Weenie Roast in Anaheim, California, and the electronica star addressed some of the recent rumors that have him possibly collaborating with Madonna in the near future.

"Madonna expressed some interest in possibly working together," Moby said, "and I would love to, because I think she has a beautiful voice, and she's obviously very talented. But I'm on tour forever, and maybe when it comes time to make my own record, if she wants to help out, I'd love to have her involved. But I'm not a producer. I really just want to make my own records." [RealVideo]

Moby also told MTV News that during the downtimes between recording albums, he'll likely bypass the offers he's received to remix other artists' singles and dance tracks.

"In the past I've done so many remixes," he said. "I've remixed Metallica, Aerosmith, David Bowie, The Prodigy, and Michael Jackson, and just so many different people. Now I just want to focus on making my own records. So as much as I'd love to do a Madonna remix, I wouldn't want to be tempted by that. I'd rather just take that time and work on my own music."

On Friday, Moby will perform alongside Nine Inch Nails, Cypress Hill, Common, Groove Armada, Bloodhound Gang, Counting Crows, the Chemical Brothers, Live, and others at the opening day of the Glastonbury Festival.