McLachlan's Success Greeted With Legal Woes

August 5 [10:00 EDT] -- Sarah McLachlan will see her highly successful Lilith Fair wind down at the end of August but it appears she won't have much of a chance to relax.

Aside from plans to tour solo in September to support her new album, "Surfacing," the singer has a few legal disputes to resolve.

McLachlan is in court, or soon will be, with two different parties over song ownerships.

Fellow Canadian Darryl Neudorf claims that in 1988, before McLachlan was discovered by Nettwerk Records, he co-wrote four songs with her that subsequently appeared on her first album, "Touch." McLachlan is saying Neudorf played no part in the composition of the songs: "Strange World," "Steaming," "Sad Clown" and "Vox." The case will be heard in September.

Also on the litigation list is a suit being initiated by her former bass player, Jeff Sawatsky, who's claiming a piece of "Ben's Song."

McLachlan tells interviewers that her next priority is starting a family with

husband/drummer Ashwin Sood. They were married in February after a two year romance that began three years after Sood joined her band. The couple lives in Vancouver.

In more stress from success, McLachlan is none too happy that there's a book about her in the works. McLachlan's lawyers have apparently already sent a letter to Toronto writer Judith Fitzgerald indicating they'll be going over the copy with a fine-toothed comb and an eye to litigation, though they may also be concerned with missing the opportunity to get their own book out as much as having concerns about what Fitzgerald might write. The disarmingly honest McLachlan may have been planning to "tell all" on her own, anyway, as she told the Jam website she had in fact planned to do her own thing.