Roni Size Remixes U2, Sarah McLachlan

"It's good that people like U2 pay interest in what we're doing and they want to have an element of what we're doing in their music," Size told our counterparts in MTV Europe of these unlikely unions.

"They don't want me to go and write them a drum n' bass jungle album. They like some of the ideas we use, and they want some of those ideas in their music, so that's good." [600k Quicktime]

Speaking about what he could possibly have in common with collaborators like U2, Size said, "I think it comes about from making music and people hearing what you're doing and speaking the same language."

So far there are no plans to release the U2 remix in the U.S., and the McLachlan remix will eventually be released as a B-side, but there's no word yet on when it might surface.

Size is also about to release another album, this one titled "Breakbeat Era." He has been working for two years on the project, which

differs from "New Forms" in that it does not include his band Reprazent. The project will only feature Size, one of Reprazent's DJs and one singer.

Size's people say the album will be an energetic drum n' bass effort, but that vocals will be more integral to the sound this time around. "Breakbeat Era" will be out sometime this summer.