Sarah McLachlan In Bryant Park Benefit

Sarah McLachlan has written songs about solace and shelter before, but now the Lilith Fair founder has plans to become more involved with the plight of the poor and homeless in New York.

McLachlan will play a free, Levi's sponsored benefit concert in New York's Bryant Park on June 1 to raise funds for the West End Intergenerational Residence, and is asking concert attendees to bring along an old pair of jeans as the price of admission. Levi's will donate the jeans, along with a $1 for every concert-goer, to the Manhattan-based women's shelter.

Sarah will be joined for an alt.walk in the park by acoustic-based R&B performer Rebekah, and Eden White and Antigone Rising, the two New York winners of a talent search contest sponsored by Levi's and the Lilith Fair.

The clothes manufacturer is holding similar talent fairs in 14 cities on the Lilith Tour (see "Paula Cole Sets Tour Dates, Lilith Looks For New Talent ..."),

which kicks off June 19 in Portland.