Sarah McLachlan Testifies Again As Civil Trial Drags On

In a Vancouver courtroom on Tuesday, Sarah McLachlan completed her fourth day of testimony in the civil trial that will determine whether drummer Daryl Neudorf was denied compensation for his alleged contribution to her 1989 debut album, "Touch."

Neudorf's lawsuit contends that he co-produced the album and co-wrote four songs for the then-inexperienced singer.

The last five weeks of the trial, which has been dubbed by one lawyer as McLachlan "unplugged and under oath," has featured McLachlan singing and playing guitar to demonstrate her songwriting process (see "Sarah McLachlan Testifies At Trial").

In a heated cross-examination on Monday, McLachlan did concede that one song, "Stemming," may have benefited from Neudorf's suggestions, but she disputed that he deserved credit. On Tuesday, she admitted that he came up with titles for two of her songs, but the singer landed a parting shot before stepping off the stand, claiming

Neudorf had a, "elevated and deluded sense" of his input on the album.

The trial, which has already stretched far beyond its estimated three weeks, continues this week with testimony from record executives.