Sarah McLachlan Discusses Lilith's Dog Days

Sarah McLachlan has a few words of advice for this year's Lilith Fair performers: Bring your pooch.

With folks like Hole, Sheryl Crow, Monica, Luscious Jackson, the Pretenders, and even Lilith-spoofing comedienne Sandra Bernhard on board, this year's outing should find McLachlan having a wild time on the road. But as the festival founder told MTV News, she and a few other Lilith notables will be toting along some furry friends to help cure any tour-related blahs.

"One of the most awesome things -- and creature comforts are really important when you're on the road -- is we [McLachlan and drummer/husband Ashwin Sood] bring our dog with us," McLachlan said. "Sheryl Crow has two dogs, and so she's going to bring them... and Emmylou Harris, she always brings [her dog] Bonaparte, so it's great! It's like doggie camp, and it's great energy for us, because when you're on the road and everything's so inconsistent,

it's really nice to have something that reminds you of home." [RealVideo]

Lilith Fair 1999 kicks off July 8 in McLachlan's adopted hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.