Sarah McLachlan Rolls Out "Mirrorball"

Sarah McLachlan's live album, "Mirrorball," arrived in stores on Tuesday, and it features tracks recorded a year ago when the singer-songwriter was touring in support of her 1997 album "Surfacing."

The first single will be a live rendition of "I Will Remember You," a song that first appeared in 1995 on the soundtrack to the movie "The Brothers McMullen." The tune has become something of an unofficial anthem for the survivors of the recent shootings at Colorado's Columbine High School, and as McLachlan recently told MTV News, she felt it deserved to be heard again.

"I thought it was a really good recording that we did live and thought, 'Oh, this is a perfect single, but it's already been released as a single,'" said McLachlan. "And everybody said, 'Well, no, not really. It never got a real push,' and so they thought, 'Well, this is the song to go to radio with,' which is such a new thing for me in

the first place, because I never used to even think about radio." [RealVideo]

McLachlan is also gearing up for the next (and, purportedly, last) Lilith Fair. The tour will be getting underway on July 8 in Vancouver, British Columbia.