Sarah McLachlan "Vindicated" As Lawsuit Dismissed

Sarah McLachlan and her legal team claimed victory on Friday after a Vancouver judge dismissed a lawsuit brought against the singer by a former colleague who claimed he co-wrote a number of songs on McLachlan's "Touch" album.

Musician and producer Daryl Neudorf filed a civil suit against McLachlan seeking credit and compensation for four songs he claims he helped write for McLachlan's 1989 debut album. However, British Columbia Supreme Court judge Justice Cohen issued a 150-page analysis that saw Neudorf's case dismissed.

"Care must be taken to ensure that true collaborators in the creative process are accorded the perquisites of co-authorship and to guard against the risk that a sole author is denied exclusive authorship status simply because another person rendered some form of assistance," the court wrote in its ruling.

Neudorf's case had been going on for over a year and actually saw McLachlan take the stand to testify last November (see "Sarah

McLachlan Testifies At Trial").