Brian McKnight Overcomes Fear Of Success

As Brian McKnight's new album, "Anytime," heads towards double-platinum status, the vocalist is hoping that his new single, "The Only One For Me" can match the success of the previous single for the title-track.

But "Anytime" actually got off to a rather auspicious beginning, as the first single from the record, the Puffy-penned "You Should Be Mine," failed to make any in-roads on the charts -- despite the presence of Puffy or his protege, Mase, on the track.

"That's an interesting thing," McKnight told the MTV Radio Network, "because my biggest fear about doing this record the way I did was that, 'OK, I got the Puffy track leading, he's bionic right now, I'm gonna become huge because of that track.' And that was a fear."

"And when the record didn't really sell because of that single," he continued, "but with 'Anytime,' which is my song, that I wrote and produced, came behind it and became super huge... all of my fears were sort of dispelled by the fact that maybe

I am just as good as a lot of the stuff that's out there."

McKnight hopes to release "Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart," a song written by Diane Warren previously recorded by Gloria Estefan, as the fourth single from "Anytime" in the fall. McKnight will also tour the U.S. throughout the summer.