Brian McKnight Discusses Unusual Concept Behind New Video

You might think that fictional airplane crashes would be unusual subject matter for music videos these days, but Brian McKnight has a new video for the title track from his upcoming album, "Back At One," containing just that.

The video for "Back At One" depicts the multi-platinum-selling singer on an airplane that's about to crash and shows him making one last on-board phone call to the woman he loves. The singer recently discussed the video with MTV News.

"I call my woman, from the plane, to let her know that I love her, and that this is happening at that time, while this happy 'I love you' song is playing," McKnight explained to MTV News. "I don't know if you've ever seen, like, John Woo's movies... in 'Face/Off,' like, they have this great big shooting scene and the kid is listening to 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow.' It's got that same kind of effect... so it's really kind of emotional." [RealVideo]

The video was directed by Francis Lawrence, who has helmed videos for Pras ("Ghetto Superstar") and Wyclef Jean ("Gone 'Til November"), among others. "Back At One," the album, will be in stores on September 21.