Ewan McGregor Heads To London Studio To Deliver "Velvet" Vocals

Ewan McGregor, the break-out star of "Trainspotting" and the man tapped to play the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the upcoming "Star Wars" prequel, is entering a London recording studio next week, but not for the reasons you might think.

Instead of working on some solo album, McGregor will be laying down the final vocal tracks for the soon-to-be-released big screen 70s glam-rock odyssey "Velvet Goldmine." In the Michael Stipe-produced film, McGregor plays a singer named Curt Wild whose antics are modeled on the legendary Iggy Pop.

The actor sang all the songs he performs in the film live, but is now off to London for some final touches.

As we previously reported, the film will also feature the work of folks who actually make music for a living, including Shudder To Think, Grant Lee Buffalo, Pulp, Teenage Fanclub, Placebo, and members of Radiohead and Sonic Youth (see "Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Pulp, Others Turn Up In 'Velvet Goldmine'