"Velvet Goldmine" Track Upsets Artists Who Created It

The supergroup Wylde Ratttz is upset with how their song on the soundtrack to the '70s glam-rock film "Velvet Goldmine" turned out. In the picture, the Iggy Pop inspired group performs a cover version of the Stooges' song "T.V. Eye," with actor Ewan McGregor as their frontman.

On the original recording, Mudhoney singer Mark Arm sings the lead. Both Arm and producer Don Fleming are upset because it was decided that McGregor's vocals should be used for the soundtrack song, after they were previously told that Arm's voice was going to be featured. Though Arm has yet to hear the track, he has already been told of its quality, and is upset with the final product. Veteran producer Fleming notes his anger as well in an e-mail stating that the song sounds unmastered and is technically inferior to the one originally recorded. According to a spokesperson at London Records, the label which released the soundtrack last Tuesday, McGregor's version was used because they wanted it to sound like

the film's version. And although it is stylistically different, the spokesperson says that the track was mastered and that any technical problems should be addressed to Fleming, who was in charge of the song in both versions.

The spokesperson also added that the original song with Arm's vocals was recorded before the film was ever shot. Therefore, it was unknown at the time whether Arm's vocals would stay in or not because McGregor had not yet decided to sing his own part in the film. Then, when McGregor stepped up to sing onscreen, it was determined that he should also record the vocals for the soundtrack song as well.

In September, McGregor laid down his lyrics in London, which Arm says swaps the chorus with verse. Arm adds that since McGregor's voice is the one featured on the track, not his, he wants his name taken off of the list of credits. He doesn't want fans to be confused and think that it is actually him singing.

Another London spokesperson says, "Of course Mark

Arm's vocals are going to be better. He's a professional singer. It just worked out better to use Ewan's voice for consistency."

As for the rest of Wylde Ratttz, which was put together during the making of the film, it not only includes Arm, but also Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley, the Stooges' Ron Asheton, and Mike Watt. They are expected to make their album debut in sometime 1999 with one Stooges' cover and some new material as well.