MC Lyte On Life After Music

Female rap veteran MC Lyte is preparing to cold rock a party again with the release of "Seven & Seven," her follow-up to 1996's "Bad As I Wanna Be," and Lyte's sixth in the last ten years.

Despite her hip hop longevity, Lyte, born Lana Moorer, can appreciate the various twists and turns in her decade long career, though she's prepared for the possibility of life after music.

"I believe [my abilities] are a God-given talent," Lyte told the MTV Radio Network, "and there is something else that he has in the planning for me. Right now he's having me build up myself and my self-esteem and a fanbase. That's incredible. Then once he wants to use me for what it is he really wants to do, I'll move on to that."

Lyte may be opting to trade in her vocal mic for a boom mic, as the rapper has made in-roads on a future in acting with appearances on L.L. Cool J's "In The House," Brandy's "Moesha" and on the Fox crime drama "New York Undercover."

"Seven & Sevens"

arrives in stores on August 28.