Sex Pistols Spit On The Big Apple

Aug. 16, 1996 -- You could not get much farther from the Republican idea of good, clean fun than The Sex Pistols. The original British punk rock band reunited recently. And when they played New York City last week, we were not only curious as to what Johnny Rotten and company sounded like, but what kind fans came to see them.

KURT LODER: So, did you have to rehearse and get this all together? Or was it just second nature?

JOHN LYDON (Formerly known as Johnny Rotten): Yeah, we did about a weeks' worth of rehearsing and that was it. You don't need much more than that. Not when you're talented.

WENDY: I've gone to the Sex Pistols since 1977 (points to a tattoo of the date "1977" on her wrist). Check it out right there, baby.

TONY: I was only six years old at the time when I first heard the Sex Pistols. You wait something this long whether they put out one CD or not, and it's something special. It's a once in a lifetime chance, and I'm glad that people were here

tonight and that I was here tonight to witness it. I thought they were incredible.

JOYCE: This garment that I'm wearing (a leather jacket with a design of the Sex Pistols on the back) was a gift to me when I was 13 years old. And I put it in my closet and never wore it, and said I'm not going to wear it until they play. Well, they played, and I wore it.

LODER: What do you make of all the stuff like the movies that were done on the first tour. Do you look back and say, "God, what a disaster. It could have been done differently, and maybe we'd still be around"?

STEVE JONES, guitar: That was what it was, really, you know what I mean? There's hundreds of things you can change, but that's the way it is. I'm glad we broke up when we did. I couldn't stand it.

LODER: Why not?

JONES: Because we got Sid in the band, it got really miserable, we couldn't play. And as a band, we weren't really moving forward. It was just all about, you know, the circus is in town,

you know what I mean?

MIKE: Come from London, and we just decided that 20 years ago when they broke up, we just had to come and see them IF they ever got back together again.

LODER: Are you going to be playing Mexico --

JONES: No, we're not doing that one, now.

PAUL COOK, drums: A lot of places are still a bit worried about putting us on between --

JONES: They're 20 years behind.

ROSARIO: I'm from Mexico. I came all the way to New York just to see Sex Pistols. I think they were great.

LODER: Is it a different crowd in America? Are the States' crowds more well behaved?

COOK: Uh, yeah they are. They're a bit more...

LODER: Boring?

COOK: I wouldn't say they're boring.

JONES: Younger.

COOK: They're younger and they just come to have fun. They're a bit more aggressive in Europe.

JULIAN: New York crowd is sh*t. Sorry people, but they are. They're too laid back. Europe is much better.

JOYCE: I was right up front -- this is the Pistols, man! They should have torn that place down!

No more safety pins, but The Sex Pistols still know how to rock.