Judy Judges Johnny

October 17 [16:00 EDT] -- The Sex Pistols' John Lydon, a.k.a. Johnny Rotten, will be appearing on TV's syndicated "Judge Judy" next month fighting a claim of lost wages and civil battery filed by Robert Williams, a drummer initially part of Lydon's ill-fated solo tour this past summer.

The road trip, in support of Lydon's solo album, "Psycho's Path," disintegrated almost before it began.

First there was a reported fisticuffs with Williams just prior to the kick-off show at the House of Blues in New Orleans. Following that incident Lydon canceled three shows then continued with a replacement, but then accused his now former record company, Virgin, of non-support and canceled the remaining dates.

Williams, who says he was fired, wants $5,000 in lost wages. Lydon, though, claims Williams quit the band four days prior to the start of the tour. The producers of "Judge Judy" apparently convinced both parties to appear on the show to settle their differences. The episode

has been taped and will be aired during the November ratings period.

An internet report says that each party is paid $100 each, and if Williams wins the case, the $5,000 settlement will be paid by the program.