Johnny Judged By Judy

October 23 [14:00 EDT] -- As we reported last week, John Lydon, better known as Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten was on a Hollywood soundstage Tuesday to tape an episode of "Judge Judy," a show that's similar to "The People's Court."

Lydon is being sued by his former drummer Robert Williams, who wants thousands of dollars in lost wages and claims Lydon hit him. Lydon says Williams quit his band 4 days before a summer U.S. tour would have kicked off.

"As you can understand, Mr. Williams is a very dificult person to work with," Lydon tells Judge Judy after she became exasperated with the drummer and gave him a stern talking-to. The Judge then thanked the ex-Pistols frontman for his patience.

The episode airs next month, so we're unfortunately not at liberty to reveal the verdict.