John Lydon Appears On Judge Judy

January, while The Stooges remain outside, waiting.

Meanwhile, another punk icon, onetime Sex Pistols singer John Lydon, was on an L.A. soundstage last Tuesday taping an installment of the TV show "Judge Judy," a faux legal proceeding, along the lines of "The People's Court," which offers to settle minor disputes among people seeking to avoid the expense of a real world trial. Lydon's dispute was with a former drummer, Robert Williams, who claimed that Lydon had hit him, and was seeking $5000 in lost wages. Lydon's version of the story had Williams quitting his band four days before the start of a tour. Judge Judy took it all in.

JOHN LYDON: There's no point in me wasting money on separate individual hotel rooms, when I'm perfectly able to share. And I'm apparently the pop star.

JUDGE JUDY: Don't play something for me that doesn't say what you purport that it doesn't say. It doesn't say anything about his acknowledging that he assaulted you. Stop! Say nothing else!

Mr. Lydon, you have almost been very patient, sir. (The court laughs).

LYDON: Well, as you can understand, Mr. Williams is a very difficult person to work with, and I think this is classic him.

Robert Williams, former Captain Beefheart drummer. That show won't air until next month, but as some newspapers have already noted, Lydon walked away the winner.